The History of Hsin Hsin Biotech Co. Ltd.

Hsin Hsin Biotech was established in 1973, and was belongs to Veterans Affairs Commission, Executive Yuan. Hsin Hsin has more than 100 kinds of products such as rations, biscuit and the canned food. Base on the production and innovation, which is trusted the major supplier of the rations and the canned food to the military supply system in Taiwan.

Hsin Hsin was named Hsin Hsin Food Factory when initially established in 1973. The general purpose to build the local plant is tactically for military food supply for the government due to the war with China. In 1970s, the factory received a special order from the Ministry of National Defense to manufacture canned food, jerky and rations for the purpose of offering food for the civilian in China while there was a conflict between Taiwan and China. The government intends to proceed the psychological operation to demonstrate the sufficient welfare in Taiwan to the population in China. The food was delivered by airdrop and sea-float at the same time. This operation has historical impact in Taiwan history and successfully creates an impression of prosperous and life assurance to the population in China. Hsin Hsin has always completed its mission and has played a significant role at all time.

When the conflict between was over, Hsin Hsin Food Factory had earned its proud and honor for serving the country by high manufacture efficiency and production quality during a difficult period of time. Hsin Hsin Food Factory is a name that deeply printed in all civilians in Taiwan.

After privatization under the policy of the government in 2003, Hsin Hsin has changed its name to Hsin Hsin Biotech Co., Ltd., but still continually supporting the military ration system and international relief as well. Furthermore, it also has the organized and potential market in Taiwan while there is variety of ways of marketing and sales instruction under the guide of well-experienced management team. Meanwhile, Hsin Hsin also accepts the OEM orders from any other potential customer, looking forward to extend the business internationally.

Hsin Hsin Biotech has the certifications of ISO9001:2000 and the food safety standard HACCP. The target is to offer the best food, not only in flavor and the high standard of food safety, but also the continual innovation and progression in food industry. The future plan is to promote the products world widely and to be one of the leading brands in food industries in Taiwan.
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